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WOG Reaches the Goal of the ‘Road to Heart’ Social Project Ahead of Schedul


WOG company together with the Ukrainian Charity Exchange, "Твоя опора (Your Foothold)" charity foundation and famous Ukrainian TV host Masha Efrosinina announced the results of the "Road to Heart that Creates Miracles..." social project and its completion ahead of the schedule.

The project’s goal was to collect 1.33 million UAH for the purchase of a medical ultrasound scanner with a set of modern sensors for the Amosov Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery. Everyone could support the project: all they had to do was to buy a coffee drink in a special charity cup at any WOG gas station or WOG CAFE. The charity cup cost 2 UAH more than an ordinary cup. In addition, the terms of the project allowed online charitable donation on the Ukrainian Charity Exchange and "Your Foothold" foundation websites as well as 20 UAH worth short message to 88001 number. The project was supposed to collect the necessary amount by the end of the summer, however it accumulated 1.4 million UAH a full month before the project’s end.

Every year, almost 5,000 babies are born with a heart defect that develops in the womb simultaneously with the beginning of a new life. One out of three such babies are discharged from maternity hospitals without any suspicion of a disease, although they should be take to surgery within the first hours or days of life.

The Amosov Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery is the place where children with congenital heart diseases have a chance for salvation. Unfortunately, the vital equipment for saving lives constantly suffers from tear and wear.

Olena Osypchuk, Head of Communications at WOG, emphasized that the Road to Heart social initiative is an opportunity not only to make an effortless and effective charity donation but to save thousands of young Ukrainians’ lives as well. WOG company thanks everyone, who has taken part in the project and contributed to the noble cause.

"In life, no one is safe from anything. There are not mere words. This is why I live every day to do something useful. Such an easy and wonderful Road to Heart project helped fulfill a good initiative by joining efforts. It took a cup just 2 UAH more expensive than an ordinary one and few seconds of your life to make yourself a little better person. It is cool when people have delicious coffee and are involved in a good cause at the same time. They are contributing to the rescue of the little hearts,” Masha Efrosinina reveals.

On August 31, the medical ultrasound scanner was presented to the Amosov Institute during “Charity Weekend. Your Foothold” charity festival, founded by Masha Efrosinina and “Your Foothold” foundation.

During the festival, WOG offered coffee and a festive social area. All guests were able to enjoy their favorite drink, while all the proceeds from the coffee sales were donated to "Your Foothold" charity foundation.

In addition, WOG implements an extra project, which gives "Road to Heart" charity cups a second life. Together with the eco-project Green Bird, the cups were recycled to produce notebooks with a unicorn image, which became the mascot of the initiative. The money made from the sale of the notebooks will also be transferred to “Your Foothold” foundation.

It should be noted that WOG company has been running the “Road to Heart” charity project for ten years. Each of our clients, who joined the initiative, helped raise over 17 million UAH. This has given the opportunity to provide better medical treatment for children and save thousands of little lives. WOG covers all taxes and fees. Thus, all the money raised is used to purchase or repair equipment in medical institutions.


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