22 April 2019

The network of gas filling complexes WOG has increased the number of customers in two strategic retail areas. Thus, by the end of 2018 the percentage of customers shopping in WOG MARKET stores at the network of gas filling complexes was 5% more versus 2017. In addition, the number of WOG CAFE customers for the same period has increased by more than 8%.

WOG MARKET network also showed sales increase by 22% and sales increase under its own trademark by more than 3%. Among the company’s flagship sales directions are the following categories: non-alcoholic beverages (+23% growth), automotive products (+16%), gastronomy (+35%).

As for the number of checks at the market network it has grown by 7% within the year; WOG MARKET customers generate 2.5 million checks per month.

The results of the company’s non-fuel sales activity are more than satisfactory. Back in 2016, we changed the assortment policy: we decreased the number of presented goods from 4,000 to 2,000; we launched sales of dairy, fermented milk and sausage products, bread. Moreover, we started working with well-known manufacturers that allowed us to increase sales in this segment by more than a third. In the future we plan to develop gastronomy, experiment with the assortment, focus on selling goods under our own trademark, and work on increasing sales (up to 30%)’, Irina Khorunzhikevich, WOG-MARKET network director, says.

In addition, over the year WOG CAFE network at the gas filling complexes has boosted sales by 23%. Thus, sales of hot dogs increased by more than 13%, burgers - by 26%, coffee drinks and tea - by 12%, desserts - by 32%, other meals - by 13%.

The company does not hide the fact that the cafe is one of the most marginal and, therefore, one of the top priorities of WOG group. In the nearest future, the company plans to open a cafe at the Lviv airport by the end of April. In addition, cafes at the airports of Kharkov and Odessa are planned to open.

Since the beginning of the year we have reviewed the strategy for the café network development. We closed two city-style cafes in Kiev. However, at the same time we opened one new cafe at the country’s one main transport hubs, airport in Borispol and in the near future we are planning to open a new cafe in Lviv. The next step we plan to do is to open the cafés only in the infrastructure and large transport objects. We are currently negotiating with Kharkiv and Odessa airports’, Maxim Pyatakov, WOG CAFÉ network director, informs.


WOG is Ukraine’s largest mono-brand network of gas filling stations. At the same time, WOG is one of the largest retailers, coffee and hot-dog sellers in Ukraine. Thus, the company is actively developing related services and networks, in particular, WOG CAFE and WOG MARKET.

At present time WOG CAFE network numbers 385 objects throughout Ukraine. 363 of them are located at WOG gas filling complexes, 16 – in ‘Intercity’ high-speed trains, 3 – at the airports in Kiev and Lvov, 1 - in ‘Forum’ shopping mall in Lviv and and 3 - in ‘Auchan’ shopping mall in Kiev.

WOG MARKET network numbers about 400 spots where goods of stores are sold.

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