30 August 2019

WOG (West Oil Group) company becomes a full member of the EBA (European Business Association).

The EBA is the largest and most influential business community in Ukraine. It unites companies that do transparent business based on anti-corruption principles, business ethics and European business practice.

'As the leader of the oil market and the company that creates many jobs, we feel that we have a huge responsibility to the Ukrainian and international community in adhering to European values. For many years, WOG has been proving to its customers and to the market in general that genuine European quality services are possible in our country. We are confident that our knowledge, experience, innovative solutions and customer-oriented approach will help spread European values and business practices in Ukraine more actively. Membership in the EBA opens up new horizons for our company and gives us more opportunities to contribute to the development of Ukrainian legislation', Olena Osypchuk, WOG Head of Communication, says.

About EBA
The EBA was established in 1999 and was supported by the European Commission. The organization has grown to become one of the largest and most influential business communities in the country. It strives to join efforts of its member companies to tackle issues, which are indispensable for Ukraine’s investment climate, and to improve it for the benefit of industries and the society, as well as for the economy and the country as a whole.

About WOG
WOG network totals about 500 gas stations in all regions of Ukraine. WOG is Ukraine's largest single-brand network of gas stations in the petroleum products market. WOG network offers only imported petroleum products that comply with Euro-5 standard. The supplies come from the most sophisticated refineries in Romania, Israel, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus and other countries. The company actively develops related offers and services, including WOG CAFE network and WOG MARKET.

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