More than 70% of PRIDE program participants have joined the “Open Up Ukraine Together with WOG” campaign
3 July 2019

More than 70% of the participants of the PRIDE loyalty program joined the “Open UpUkraine Together with WOG” campaign held between Apr. 9 and July 2 this year.

“The guarantee of a great travel experience is a positive attitude of all the travelers and an interesting destination. The WOG retail chain of gasoline stations certainly knows how to combine these things, which is why it made its clients the intriguing offer, “Open UpUkraine Together with WOG.” Such offers have proven very appealing today. During the campaign’s duration, the number of gasoline station clients has grown 5.8%, while the fuel consumed by each participant has grown 5.7%. Therefore, we will continue to make our clients interesting offers,” said VitaliyStarominskiy, the manager of WOG’s department to administer client demand.

Based on the results of “Open Up Ukraine Together with WOG,” the number of PRIDE cards used to fulfill the campaign’s conditions has grown by 23.3% compared with the period beforehand, and the number of receipts has grown 18.9% compared with the analogous period before the campaign’s start.

Under the campaign’s offer, clients need to purchase UAH 500 in gasoline with a PRIDE card when fueling their automobile and receive, together with their check, information about a unique place for a next trip. In order for the trip to be at the best level, the company prepared for participants many gifts, bonuses and hundreds of thousands of liters of fuel.

The participants of “Open Up Ukraine Together with WOG” were offered the following promotions:

  • 1,000 liters of fuel on their PRIDE card,
  • 25 liters of fuel on their PRIDE card,
  • A collection of WOG soft drinks on their PRIDE card,
  • Coffee on their PRIDE card,
  • Additional bonuses of up to UAH 5 per liter at the next refueling that come with personal benefits, as indicated on their PRIDE card. 


The retail chain of WOG gasoline stations has reached about 450 sites in all regions of Ukraine. The WOG chain is the largest Ukrainian monobrand gasoline station retail chain on the domestic market of oil and oil-based products. All the oil products in the WOG retail chain are exclusively imported and meet Euro-5 emission standards. Supplies are delivered from the most contemporary oil refineries in Romania, Israel, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus and other countries. The company is actively developing complimentary services, such as WOG CAFÉ and WOG MARKET.

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