"Road to Heart" making miracles...
24 April 2017

WOG, together with the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, ‘Your support’ Charity Foundation and Masha Yefrosinina announced the launch of a new phase of the social project ‘Road to Heart’.

During the project ‘Road to the Heart’ that will last until the end of this summer, the organizers plan to raise UAH 1,330,000. The raised amount of funds will be spent on purchasing an ultrasound machine equipped with a set of modern sensors for Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery.

It is important to mention that every year in Ukraine almost 5,000 babies are born with heart failure that develops in the mother's womb at the same time with a new life born. A third of them from maternity hospitals are discharged even without suspicion of the disease since the first days of baby’s life and health should have been under permanent surgeries’ medical supervision. Thus, 800 of them we lose in a while. Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery is exactly the place where children with congenital heart defects have a chance for salvation. However, the equipment, which is literally a pledge of salvation, constantly wears out. 

‘Large businesses cannot perform their activity in isolation from society – they must be socially responsible, respond to the problems of people and, of course, make a significant contribution to their solution. WOG has been implementing a medical project ‘Road to Heart’ for more than 10 years. Thanks to each of our clients, who joined the project at its different phase, we have managed to provide expensive repair of medical equipment in medical institutions all over the country, to buy new modern devices for them thereby saving children's lives. This time, together with the partners of the project such as Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, ‘Your support’ Charity Foundation and Masha Yefrosinina, we are directing funds for the purchase of a vital ultrasound device allowing medical specialists to diagnose heart defects in children in a timely manner and, therefore, to perform operations promptly and save babies’ lives. We are convinced that by joint efforts we will achieve a much better result. Moreover, we believe that this time our clients will also actively support by gladly buying coffee drinks in special charity cup. Join now, so that the children's hearts will never stop!’, Olena Osipchuk, WOG Communications Director, says.

Everyone can take part in the project. The only one thing you need is to purchase a coffee drink in a special charity cup at any gas filling complexes of WOG and WOG CAFE networks. The drink in such a cup costs UAH 2 more than usual. The social action will last until all the cups are sold out and UAH 1,330,000 is raised.
In addition, you can make a kind donation on the websites of Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace ‘Your support’ Charity Foundation, or send an SMS to the number 88 001 (SMS costs UAH 20)

‘For us, as a foundation that works to help gravely ill children and orphans in our country, participation in this project is extremely important. The objective to acquire the necessary ultrasound device for Amosov Institute pushes for taking active measures today. According to the statistics, 10-12 000 small patients from all over Ukraine are annually examined in this medical institution. The results of surveys show that 700-750 children are operated only. At the same time, I want to emphasize that the percentage of lethality is only 1.5-2%, and this is less than in many clinics in Europe. Unfortunately, due to a critical lack of funding, the medical institute alone cannot buy such expensive equipment. That is why we can stay away. Therefore, we gladly joined WOG's ‘Road to Heart’ initiative, the project that makes miracles and believe that by joint efforts we will raise the necessary amount of funds. In addition, I want to focus that our foundation is annually audited that proves our honest and transparent policy. This factor is very important because we understand full responsibility to anyone who helps thousands of children by addressing our organization’, Valeriy Tatarchuk, ‘Your support’ Charity Foundation founder and general director, adds.

‘I must admit that personally for me such a collaboration of foundations, public leaders and large businesses joined their efforts around the painful topic it is, in a way, some sort of revolutionary steps. Being engaged in philanthropy as a public figure, I caught the times when charity activity, the whole world considered as a normal practice, was not taken naturally in our society; it was considered as something inadmissible and inappropriate. Therefore, cooperation with a large WOG company and joint support is a great victory. It breaks public stereotype that prevented from attracting big funds for the implementation of good deeds. It is very difficult to raise funds for meeting different needs in our country. Both economic instability and distrust of people, and other factors are also affected. Therefore, I believe that by uniting our efforts we are able to achieve much more than individually. It is great when today people by buying delicious coffee will join a good case - they will contribute to the salvation of small hearts’, Masha Yefrosinina says.

Ukrainian media are not left alone. This time, ‘Nashe radio’ serves as the information partner of ‘Road to Heart’ project by informing the listeners about its conditions and results during the whole project period.


LLC ‘WOG RETAIL’ manages a network of gas filling complexes under WOG brand numbering about 450 objects in all regions of Ukraine. WOG filling stations network is Ukraine’s largest monobrand network of filling stations in the domestic market of petroleum products. All petroleum products sold at WOG network are exclusively imported and comply with the Euro 5 standard. They are delivered from the most modern refineries of Poland, Israel, Greece, Lithuania, Romania, Belarus and other countries. The company actively develops related services, in particular, WOG CAFE and WOG MARKET networks.

Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace is Ukraine’s first independent nationwide social online philanthropy infrastructure providing a unique service for philanthropists and those who need help. Here every man, every company or organization can find and support a charitable project of their choice in the way that is the easiest and the most convenient way for them. Our goal is to create, maintain and develop an effective collaborative platform of donors, non-governmental organizations (Operators of Help) and recipients of help by strengthening the non-profit sector and philanthropy in Ukraine in a such way. The project was initiated by the grant of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

‘Your support’ Charity Foundation was created with the purpose of helping gravely ill children and orphans in our country. The foundation is currently working in the following directions:
- assistance and support of key medical institutions of Ukraine;
- help and care of children's homes;
- targeted assistance to individual children.

Our goal is to change the attitude of the society towards children with development defects, to stamp out the tradition to abandon infants with congenital diseases, and to create a society that accepts and provides all opportunities for life and development for children with special needs.

Masha Yefrosinina is ‘Your support’ Charity Foundation Board member, TV presenter, actress, UN Honorary Ambassador to Ukraine on gender equality and combating violence, co-founder of ‘Charity Weekend’ charity project.

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